February 2020 Meal Plan — Month in Review

February 2020 Meal Plan — Month in Review - Butch on a Budget

This month I spent $189.64 on groceries and $83.33 on dining out. We did spend a few days out of town, and all of my food costs for those days were categorized under travel, plus we used some gift cards on a few nights out. Overall we did good cooking most meals at home, but I wouldn’t call this month a win for the budget on food spending. But it was a win for my stomach.

We tried eating less meat this month and were pretty successful until the last week. We also tried out a few new recipes, used up some pantry staples, and bought a good amount of on sale meat to freeze and use later.

Dashes represent meals that we skipped (not a great practice, but sometimes the day just gets away). Meals that say “work” are free meals included in some kind of work event.

Week 1:

Sunday 2/02PizzaPasta and salad
Monday 2/3PastaSalad
Tuesday 2/4Scallion herb chickpea salad and naan
Wednesday 2/5Scallion herb chickpea salad and naanRoasted veggie bowl
Thursday 2/6Roasted veggie bowlDinner out with a gift card
Friday 2/7Roasted veggie bowlTacos
Saturday 2/8BagelsNachos

I made my own naan! We stuck with pretty simple easy stuff for the first week and tried to lean a little more veggie heavy. However, we used beef for the tacos and nachos. Y’all, the nachos were so good.

Week 2:

Sunday 2/9Brunch OutNachos
Monday 2/10Salad
Tuesday 2/11Orzo saladCreamy White Bean & Spinach Quesadilla
Wednesday 2/12Orzo saladCreamy White Bean & Spinach Quesadillla / Orzo Salad
Thursday 2/13Out of townOut of town
Friday 2/14Out of townOut of town
Saturday 2/15Out of townOut of town

We we’re out of town the second half of week two and I always categorize all of my out of town food spending under travel. Easy stuff using some pantry staples before we left town. The orzo salad is a regular in our house that we typically make at least once a month. This was the first time we made these quesadillas though, and they were super easy and tasty, definitely will be making again.

Week 3:

Sunday 2/16Out of townSalad
Monday 2/17Work LunchChicken Pot Pie (frozen from Whole Foods)
Tuesday 2/18Chicken Pot PieSalad
Wednesday 2/19Work LunchSalad
Thursday 2/20SaladDinner out
Friday 2/21Random stuff I packed (yogurt, fruit, cheese, etc.)Pineapple Shrimp Fried Rice
Saturday 2/22Pineapple Shrimp Fried RicePineapple Shrimp Fried Rice

We got home Sunday night and ran to the store to grab some salad supplies and a frozen pot pie to get us through the first couple days back in town. We also had some shrimp in the freezer and added it to what we were originally going to have be a vegetarian fried rice. This made super great and easy left overs — a priority when I’m planning meals.

Week 4:

Sunday 2/23Lasagna
Monday 2/23LasagnaLasagna
Tuesday 2/24LasagnaLasagna
Wednesday 2/25LasagnaChinese Take Out (gift card)
Thursday 2/26Leftover ChineseLasagna
Friday 2/27Leftover ChineseWork Dinner
Saturday 2/28Chicken Noodle SoupDinner out with Friends (gift card)
Sunday 2/29LeftoversConference Dinner

We limped into the last week of the month and Cassie made a giant lasagna with quality ingredients. I ate it for days. So much lasagna. The rest of the days we used gift cards to eat out. Time to plan for March!

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